We're  All About Having Fun!

If you're hoping to meet others, share challenges or are looking for moral support,  Women Growing Older Gracefully, these mini-workshops are great for retirees!  

Our coaching webinars dare like-minded women to re-invent and re-discover their true selves. 

We're here to a webcast series on positive lifestyle topics, each designed for the baby boomer in mind, to reach and grow in a safe and non-judgemetal environment. 

Categories below are presented in a three or four part session,   30-45  minutes each.  A few of the more popular offerings include: 

Halt the Aging Process

Happiness: What is It? 

Resilience Training:
Boundaries and Bridges

Guide to A Wholehearted Life 

Embracing Your Age

Are You Lonely or Alone?

Dreams: The Slight Edge 

Your Life Script 

Group directors and managers are encouraged to come aboard with us to grow and bring these unique and creative mini-workshops to your retirees  ! 

I'm happy to show the ingredients of the learning process in the anti-aging sessions.  Once you  'get it' you can master and unload some harmsful substances  that choke you from within, to  re-build a healthier, stronger and younger attitudes. Our sessions are custom designed for each clients. 

We arm you with needed ammunition to fight temptation that leads to unwelcomed or accelerated aging. Your liffestyle choices will support  anti-aging goals, motivation, relationships, communication, exercise, assertiveness, personal development, assertiveness and emotional intelligenceI; teach you to clarify and focus on what is important in your life. Turn your challenges into changes and create a greater sense of  wellbeing and call Jaye at 919-591-8610 .