It all began when...


It all began in 2006, when Jaye created an important lecture program for mentally challenged adults, who received specialized support and guidance in life skills. After delivering 100 workshops, she recognized its healing impact , which ultmately led to a healthier lifestyle when clients made better choices. Emphasis on self-discovery, channeling positive behaviors and ecouraging change has always been her challenging journey to wellnes for others.

Workshops became a model in developing current mini-sessions with senior adults; the Women Growing Older Gracefully group and subsequent women’s network of retired and semi-retired baby-boomers. As we each grow, we share experiences and knowledge to grow in a safe and non- judgmental environment.     

Women Growing Older Gracefully is about encouraging women to have a positive attitude among the challenges and questions they face as they grow older. It is about empowerment to lead full and active lives by meeting the future with courage, confidence and enthusiasm. Other chief components of the WGOG philosophy include:

  • To make the most of the rest of our lives
  • To counter stereotypes of older women
  • To demonstrate and proomote a positive attitude 
  • To share laughter and a sense of inclusion
  • To support one another

Mini-workshops on the web emphasize self-discovery, channeling positive behaviors and ecouraging change.These workshops have  modelled the for development of current sessions with adult groups and a growing network of retired and semi-retired baby-boomers. We  have fun while sharing experiences and knowledge,learn from one another and grow in a safe and non- judgmental environment.     

Women Growing Older Gracefully is about encouraging women to have a positive attitude with challenges and questions as they grow older. It is empowering others to lead full and active lives by meeting the future with courage, confidence and communication. 

Mini-workshops on the web and given to groups encourage women's empowerment, boosting brain power, magnify positive thinking, enhance lifestyle and happiness, re-in ncourage women's empowerment, boosting brain power, magnify positive thinking, enhance lifestyle and happiness, re-invent self, develop strong friendships.  

The infamous "Lunch & Learns" and webinars are packed with "how to" tools for growing older gracefully.  Our focus is to enlighten the imaginationas women learn about several concepts to include boundary setting, improved family/friend communication and developing an overall sense of well-being. Some popular classes include:

  • Time to Re-Invent & Find Your Purpose
  • Re-Design Your Retirement
  • Aging is Changing
  • Halt The Aging Process
  • Will You Be My Friend?
  • Be Positively Happy

If you would like to attend with your group or learn more about specific classes/ price points, I'm available ! You may contact me at [email protected]  

More comments:

"Thank you, Jaye for all you do. Thank you for your dedication and selflessness, Thank you for the time you spend planning and organizing. Thank you for thinking of others and being quick with words of encouragement or praise. Thank you for the good times and lovely luncheons with new friends not so new. Thank you for bringing us together to bond in sisterhood. Thank you for giving women a place to share hopes and dreams, to compare notes and to support one another. Thank you for new ideas and new perspectives that come from your Lunch and Learns. Perhaps greatest of all is your contribution to the world. My Dear, you have spread so much light. I am so happy and honored to have you in my life. WOW, is all I can say!! " N. McDonald, Raleigh, NC

" This group stands apart from others I have joined by offering high quality in its gatherings. Jaye has enormous energy and creativity and wonderful ideas that result in really outstanding gatherings which attract really outstanding ladies! " Jan O, Cary, NC

"Once again, thank you, Jaye ! I kept thinking about the things you talked about today (Lunch & Learn : Embrace Your Age) ). Finally, I decided that I needed to make some notes about what I was feeling on this journey. I learned a lot about where I am and what I want."  Nita McDonald, Raleigh, NC

"I send a big THANK YOU to Jaye for the effort she has put into keeping things going on the FaceBook and Zoom. Although you don't hear from me much, it has meant a lot to see everyone hanging in there until times are better (Covid) This positive FaceBook platform has been an encouragement to family and friends who have been struggling. I look forward to being able to gather again with this interesting, fun and supportive group of women"  Karen Havner-Smith, Cary, NC 

My  Committment to You:

Get unparalleled support! If you're asking how you wish to spend the rest of your life, Jaye can motivate and direct your thoughts to act and define and/or improve relationships with family and friends. I can help you pin-point by re-defining personal success and discover what is most important for staying productive, recovering lost enthusiasm, and increasing well-being. I can help recognize when certain relationships are not healthy and re-assure for building something most appropriate to your needs and wishes.

I offer one hour group coaching sessions, plan for optimum health with retirees facing physical limitations. I will explore new hobbies and activities for mental agility.


Each program is designed with research backed offerings, so you don't have to sift through an information overload. 

Weekly calls are scheduled ahead so you don't become distracted.

There are recordings of each call if you miss a session or want to go at your own pace.

Worksheets and hand- outs will help with reflection and there is an action follow-up after each lesson.

You may have a happy and productive retirement without coaching, but if you feel stuck or find there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be, we can get clearer about retirement, your way, and I can help you get there faster. I look forward to serving you!

You can book a free, no commitment, half hour call. Text Jaye at 919-591-8610 or contact her at [email protected]