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Writing Your Life Story

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How much time have you invested in scripting out the life you have? What if, today, you started to write out the script for your future? What would change for you? How do you really want to spend your time? What would it involve?

The key to living a full life is finding out what really matters to you, determining what you want and going after it full force.There has never been another you and this is your chance to figure out what you would like to change and allow others to learn who you are.
Everyone who is alive has a story to tell, so let’s play pretend for just a moment.

It goes like this; imagine you’re the star of a new movie, seen in each background scene and as the main character in each chapter, exciting or otherwise. although you may then be asking why doing this would be remotely important.If there ever comes a time to evaluate your values and beliefs, to reason with old truths and share new meaning, writing a life story would make you the hero.

Yours is a beautiful story, so celebrate the wins and share your dreams. Creativity and discovering new skills, making choices about what to say well, and personal satisfaction are a definite outcome to this life design project.

Most of the time we are able to tell stories that are somewhat limiting to us. We will counter this by working on connections and having a purpose. A celebration of the vitality can be assembled into your book with pictures (optional) for an extra special keepsake.

What new journeys would you take? What do you want your legacy to be? You have everything you need to make your life story happen. Please don’t delay. 

Obstacles or Opportunities?

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If you periodically ask yourself whether you are happy doing what you are doing on a mundane or day-to-day basis you might carefully think about changing your approach.


By practicing these small achievements it can bring inspiration and re-start the process you change your attitude and sense of well-being.

Jim Rohn wrote in his book, "The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, "Activity is one of those most important basics that we cannot afford to neglect.


Successful people manage their action and work to make their goals happen. Meanwhile, while many of us continue to dream, they are doing what counts”.

You may be wondering about how this all relates to you. I would like pose a few questions to include in your life story to help you along. However, they require follow up.


What 3 outcomes would you most like to achieve over the next 3-6 months?



What actions have you taken in the past (whether on your own initiative or with support) to address these issues and with what success?


What qualities, strengths and values that you have do you think will be most helpful towards achieving these outcomes?


What are your 3 biggest worries as to what might stop you achieving the outcomes you are looking for?


Given your answers to the above, list a few actions that you can now take to begin to move towards and to achieve or to deal with your worries.


Ultimately and in order to lead into a better future, we must discipline ourselves in daily activities, convert dreams into plans and plans into goals. The choice is yours to make.


Change Your Closet Change Your Life

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It tickles me to think that I have several outfits hanging dull in my closet, unused for whatever reason. They aren’t going anywhere because I haven’t worn them anywhere. I guess I suffer from the term, “wardrobe clutter”.


Perhaps this is because making a choice in what to wear can be overwhelming. For example, It is a fact that women wear twenty percent of their clothes eighty percent of the time.


Let me ask… do you have some alcohol or champagne that you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Do you own several candles that have gone unlit? What about your heirloom silver and china that only comes out on holidays ? What about the car that spends more time in the garage than being driven?


I believe we can all feel guilty over something stashed away, not doing anybody any good. The point, here, is that we gather things because we have decided they’re “special”, as those clothes that tell us they're too nice to wear.


I'm sorry to admit, but tashing clothes and sundry items comes from purchasing what we don’t really need.


Perhaps it comes from by telling ourselves that we don’t have "enough”. Instead, we may be looking for things that have gone missing in our lives. It is under this guise that we tell ourselves we have not become “enough” or think, falsely, of “someday…when” After all, it seems an okay choice at the time.


With the YOLO experience, or what you make of it, my best advice is to get a new mindset count by using your things and not letting them rot away in your closet.


Your challenge, should you decide to take it, is to make no excuse for forgetting and leaving “special stuff” hidden where it doesn’t do anybody any good.


Better yet, why not prove to the rest of us that you can wear that outfit that doesn’t belong anywhere, the one which has been hanging around for a very long time and has nowhere to go?

Transitionsin Retirement: Your Bridge To Somewhere New

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We are strong and determined women. We nurture, we give life, and often, we are satisfied sitting on the sidelines making sure that those we love are healthy and happy. As such, we need to keep ourselves in check in order to maintain our self-care, self-value and self-importance.

However, if in your 60's, you are more vibrant, visible, and vital than ever before, as “midlife crisis” and early retirement can present a challenge. At the same time, and as we move from one life stage to another, bridges are built from where we have been to where we are going.

Please understand we run from not who we were but to who we about to become. New roles pop up and it is time to give thought to a new purpose in life. While keeping the wisdom to uncover and act upon your innermost passion, here are  additional issues that matter:

o Restructure priority in what is most important to you.

o When you make a big transition in your life, take your time.

o Changing too many things at once can be stressful.

o  Pick your own itinerary. You can’t merely live up to what others think of you. If you try to conform, you’re going to waste your life, compared to what you might have done with it.

o Maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally as long as possible.

o Accept that life in retirement should be filled with personal satisfaction. Accept the reality that this shift from work will not be perfect nor easy. 

o Make the choice make hopes real. 

o Do the things you love and with who you’d like to do them with.

o Remain open to the unlimited options the world has to offer.

o Make your retirement personal. One size does not fit all.

o Seek the unfamiliar and the unknown. Continually explore the power of opportunity, the power of self-determination, and the power to do something simple or new every day.

Now may be the best time to begin a renewed investment into your health, well-being, fitness and longevity. After years of working, retirement is a great time to recreate this best life. The road is sometimes rough, yet burning the old and building new bridges may help you gain the confidence needed to move forward. 


Keys to Unlocking a Successful Retirement

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In my experience of talking to several hundred women about their retired lives, most have successfully figured out and chosen their best retired way of life after going though the transitional period.

Each of us hold the ethical resources to lead an insightful life of greater happiness. We’ve also come to realize that life is defined by many turning points. And so, it becomes fair for women to ask “what’s next” ?

Whether it’s enjoying a zoom meeting, dining at a restaurant, taking a walk with a friend or passing new milestones together, studies have shown that people who stay active and who connect with other people live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Volunteering, taking classes, joining social groups, working on hobbies and pursuing a religious or spiritual routine are additional patterns for staying connected and being reasonably happy.

Seniors gave some answers to what they felt sorry they hadn't completed. In this poll, one retiree said taking risks was essential. Another declared it crucial to lighten up and not take life seriously, implying one should live in the moment.

Doing something every day to make life less complicated deserves mention here. These seniors admitted needing to be clear about what counted, with the need to be even clearer about what doesn’t count. They suggested that being creative and active must have a risk and challenge element.

Whether retirement is viewed as either a positive or negative event often depends on the reasons for retiring; some choose it while others are forced into it. Approximately one third have difficulty in coping with the consequences of retirement, to illness, job loss, or reduced income.

Retirement can also have its way of changing relationships and may leave a senior feeling without purpose. In the transition, some may feel diminished or they have little left to contribute. Unfortunately, some people don’t feel the needed support.

A woman who posted on social media said she took an early retirement at age fifty- seven because she thought the 20-30 "somethings" were “taking over”. She believed she had no choice but to leave, which left her feeling angry and cheated.

Because this woman loved her work, she found that age-discrimination kept her from getting another job, which made her miserable. She had no hobbies and because working was her life, she became discouraged with herself and felt she was merely “taking up space”.

My best advice for this lady would be for her to focus on what she can change rather than what she cannot. Oddly enough, there is no magic feather or right way to manage retirement transition except to say that some people will be happy to hunt for newness, some will continue as before, some will remain as spectators and others may retreat to the couch.

According to Jim Rohn’s book, 5 Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle, he states that a happier lifestyle comes as a result of “living more fully, more consciously, more joyfully and more appreciatively”.

Each person brings their individual set of resources, with different opinions about what a best retirement should look like for them. At any rate, each day brings us the option to uncover fresh ideas about fitting into this new life.

You already own the valuable keys. Optimizing the gifts that have complemented you all through your life should be made effortless if you’re willing to stop and take a sensible look at who you are and wish to be.

Volunteer Pen Pals Needed

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Do you remember what it felt like to be a child at Christmas time? Perhaps this new pen pal project could make this feeling real for a few lonely seniors living in a nearby nursing home.


It's really a simple genius idea, as interested WGOG's could easily write and reach out to let that person know they are special. I know I would love to receive a note if cooped up in a nursing home without family or friends allowed to visit.


If you would like to spread cheer to a fellow senior, I ask you to take out a pen and paper right now to write an anonymous note about yourself. It's not difficult coming up with something to say; where you live, your age and family, your interests/hobbbies and why you're writing to them.


I'll send them to the activity director at a local nursing home where would match a person to you.


They say that well-being is a matter of doing what you can do for another person and how you use your time. Since we certainly all have some spare moments, perhaps it does well for each of us to think about somebody who could use a gentle touch from a stranger-turned-friend who cares to check on them.


Please think about doing this small thing and get in touch with me to take this on as a volunteer project, easily done from home and on your own schedule. I thank you and so do does your new pen pal!

A Personal Perspective

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For most of us, what we’ve done to earn a living defines us. But let me ask you if you can redefine "aging" and “senior” and think of retirement as a trip of discovery to determine who you are and who you want to become?

Understandably, it’s how you approach your retirement, how you respond to your retirement, how you behave in retirement, how you handle retirement, and ultimately, how you live in retirement that is really up to you. Being acknowledged and paid attention to bolsters a chief sense that we count and know someone cares.

Otherwise, you may be silently asking yourself “Where will I fit and where will I be accepted?” It is the combination of everything that you have learned and the various things that you have done that make you truly different from everyone else on this planet.

We’ve all experienced it when the end of a career and the beginning of retirement triggers major changes in personal identity. This time of new concern, interests and challenges asks you step outside of your comfort zone to develop new meaningful relationships. Although retirement doesn’t change who you are, it will transform what you can do.

You are now free as a retiree, to spend as much time as you like on what makes you happy. Using your time wisely, dipping your toes into lots of different activities and experiences, you should be able to determine what you really want to be doing next.

You only have one life. Some things will work; some won’t. but you have the duty to live it the way you see fit. Does everyone always do what is easy for them? Probably not. I can bet they need to stretch beyond their comfort zone and do exciting things in order to stay ahead of the game.

By building confidence and preparing for a good fit can help re-claim any missing sense of purpose. This is your grand opportunity to finally get to know your true self, your essence, and invent ways to express it safely.

Along with positive steps to take, you've got skills to carry with you to make choices that resonate in your heart. where you won’t have to fear what’s next, and you certainly don’t have to worry about losing your identity.

You’re special, just the way you are today.








My Morning Pages

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Personal satisfaction comes at a premium to me during this time of solitude. I am proud to announce that I have come across a productive way of working on hunches and bits of intuition in one simple morning practice called “my morning pages”. Here, I would like to share a great way to get the day started and will show how easy it can be done. At least, I think so.

Actually, I believe I’m truly trying to show myself a worthy person by writing up to three pages of random daily thoughts, hoping it will affect some positive changes. It is not like writing a “to-do” list, nor is it like creating and ongoing diary. Simply writing down unplanned concepts has helped me find a healthier focus and presents newer ways to explore what needs paying attention to.

While writing my pages, it becomes easy to include daily commentaries about the COVID virus and its wrath upon humans, as well as the political climate and upcoming presidential election, kids going back to school and other local news items. Then, there’s the part where I’m actually motivating myself, telling self to do something that needs to happen, despite trying to put it off.

Habits can be somewhat difficult to manage, although this particular writing exercise seems a safe challenge. At least there is now plenty of time to sit and think. By slowing down and being more mindful, a positive outcome of this pandemic is that it has sparked images for future direction. In other words, I can “step up” to a greater independent-like frame of mind because these morning pages spur me on.

I’m delighted as open up to the morning light, drink a savory cup of coffee and consider needed changes, hand write some spur of the moment thoughts to these new silent partners. With renewed optimism and a greater sense of purpose in each new day, I have found this exercise to be a daily bonus.

Perhaps you might wish to try out this new tool, too.

Jaye Wurtzel 8-23-20

Caring for Self with Morning Make-Overs

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We walk out of that retirement door and BOOM. What the heck happened? I'd like to help you enjoy those precious few hours of the morning to get closer to what's important to you during your retirement and even make possible changes.

My story is about empowering seniors. Because of Covid 19 and it's restrictions to our well-being and happiness, I have developed a new Morning Make Over program. This will allow for possible re-thinking and make the most of your mornings, with person-to person follow up and a possible ZOOM workshop.

I have taken this on as a means to assist gal pals who are be facing some hard stressful times during this pandemic, and hope to bring some sunshine into a few lives.

There is no charge for this seven day program and I hope it will make a difference in addressing specific or potentially unsolved issues.

I will greet you in the morning for 7 days to bring morning cheer and motivation. If there's enough interest, this may incude an online class, offered on this page. All tools and strategies suggested will be geared toward helping you move forward, instead of staying stuck.

All you need to do by the end of this week:

Step 1: Contact me, Jaye Wurtzel @[email protected]

Step 2: Send your phone number and email address (even if you think I have it)

Step 3: Tell me a brief story, such as where you might be stuck as a retiree or ask questions of concern. When you hear from me, I will ask you to pick that one issue you'd like to gain a greater perspective on, kick in the gutter, or move past in some manner.

I’m prepared to email daily information, tips, or strategies for your own morning make over to the first 5 ladies who respond. Again, this will be implemented for one week, free, and just for you.

Are You in a Pandemic Slump?

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Now that we’re pretty much stuck at home with much all the free time in the world, have managed household chores and taken care of that proverbial junk drawer, there is a creative potential awaiting all of us.

We’ve probably already checked out the photobooks of our family and friends adventures and have either managed time in the garden and have watched the wildlife playing in the trees. Creatively speaking, you may have already completed that knitted cardigan to that uncompleted needlework project that you’ve been meaning to get to.

One important clue to well-being is to recognize a motivation slump for what it is if it is happening to you. After feeling it myself and talking to other women, I believe it’s only natural to feel down in the dumps on some days, looking about our blurry world in this time of social isolation.

Too much to do, too little energy and not enough time? Or is it not enough to do, depleted energy yet plenty of time? Or is it just too little energy and loneliness which brings about a down feeling for many?

There are of course things you can do to re-energize, once you have self-diagnosed the problem.

This may seem obvious (unless it’s not happening to you) but there is a big difference between trying to force yourself to do something and being motivated. Willpower can only take you so far, but I want to tell you that

the days you don’t want to, are the days you absolutely have to!

A slump is no different than any other setback or obstacle in life and the best way to deal with it is straight on. I would suggest that you acknowledge your feelings about a possible struggle with motivation and create a trigger and a way of reminding you of the reason for pursuing it in the first place.

Pay Attention to What You’re Saying to Yourself. Self-talk is likely going on in your head right this minute and it can have a huge effect on your body and mind. Don’t expect others to encourage you, but encourage yourself with a generous dose of compassion and positive self-talk.

Surround Yourself with Success I am especially drawn to stories of girlfriends who inspire us to grow by sharing their stories and appreciating the challenges put to them.

Celebrate Small Wins Every day you stick to your goal is a small win, hang in there for a full week and that’s a milestone! Not only does it feel good to celebrate your progress, but it helps to keep you pumped up and energized on those less-than-motivated days.

Take Action. Now. Slow is okay, just keep going and work on building momentum. The whole point is to just do something. Every. Single. Day.

Don’t wait. Start right now.