Aging Gracefully

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When people talk about growing older gracefully, it's not uncommon to ask what that actually means or if it is actually does happen. How does one accomplish this? Who’s measuring, and how do they do it? There are so many messages about aging, that to age gracefully is to ask someone about the ‘elephant in the room”; it can be both scary and difficult to measure or carry out.


For one thing, being graceful can appear in different strokes with different people so there's really not a fixed formula for implementation. Perhaps aging gracefully doesn't have to refer to age or appearance, but rather the attitude one holds onto as she goes through the various stages of life. It's doing your best to uphold virtuousity, both of self and others, by invoking some daily nourishment and understanding of the human race, a sharing of peace and well being.


Having a youthful attitude is also helpful, as we must all eventually recognize a decline in vitality (wrinkles, balding, loss of muscle mass and tone, diminishing vision and gray hair, high blood pressure, anxiety). However, aging gracefully doesn't mean you have to wear your wrinkles with pride - instead, you need to do whatever is necessary to stride into your older years with confidence.


For many, it means taking steps to make your outside appearance match the way you feel on the inside. I often look at myself and see the 30 year old woman that I was and still think I am, although she's somewhat trapped in a much older body. 

If you feel energetic and youthful internally, I challenge you to begin to look at new ways to grow and come up with a greater understanding for how to best stall the progression of age. In our LUNCH & LEARN sessions, I often ask and challenge ladies to make choices about their well being and live a bit longer by adopting simple lifestyle choices for increased health and happiness.


We also remain ready and willing to entrust our hearts to new friends. We women know that it is only within the context of friendship that we truly grow and learn as people. There are few things as joyous as a reunion of these friends, and few emotions as exhilarating as the excitement of meeting new people and discovering we have much in common with them. 

Our friends help us face the reality that we are actually getting older, yet continue to grow each day, that we're far better off now that we ever were, that we're wise enough to know what we need to know and how to get it, and we can offer that wisdom to those who will follow in our footsteps. 

Jean Chittister in her book "The Gift of Years;Growing Older Gracefully, has said "A blessing of these years is that they offer us the chance to be excited by new personalities, new warmth, new activities, new people all over again. Does it demand that we fall in love? No. But it does demand that we love someone else enough to be just interested in them as we are in ourselves. It demands that we set out to make tomorrows happy." 

I have come to cherish our girlfriends, viewing them as members of an extended family, our little tribe of imperfect and loveably adoreable ladies. We have tons of stories and experiences to share as we age together, and find special meanings in the art of growing older. 

You see, it is through our continued conversations among each other which make the very most sense about how best to grow old. The graceful part is a personal choice.

Women Growing Older Gracefully workshops re-define the aging process to embolden women to make wiser choices. As retirement coach, Jaye Wurtzel shares more than 100 classes addressing identity and re-invention strategies. See us at



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