Transition: Our Bridge to Somewhere in Retired Life

Posted by [email protected] on November 6, 2020 at 10:55 AM

 The onset of a woman’s midlife crisis can present a challenge. Along with menopause and inevitable changes in family dynamics, it’s another lesson in change for women. As we move from one life stage to another, we must build bridges from where we have been to where we are going, and in order to build these bridges and make them strong enough to carry us across we should or even must:

Understand what we are leaving and what we are going toward because retirement is not about who you were but about who you are about to become. Remember that the wisdom to discover and act upon your deepest passion is within you.

o Restructure your priorities around what is most important to you, like deepening relationships with family and friends, community service or the arts When you make a big transition in your life, take your time.


o You don’t have to change every area of your life simultaneously within the next 30 days. Changing too many things at once can be stressful.


o Retirement is not about the destination but about the journey. Ultimately if you want to get closer to the “best possible life” for you, you have to pick your own itinerary. You can’t merely live up to what others think of you. If you try to conform, you’re going to waste your life compared to what you might have done with it if you chose a better framework.


o Accept that life in retirement will be different than in work, and accept the reality that this shift from work to retirement will not be perfect nor easy, but that there will be stumbles and setbacks and that the end is worth some struggle and anxiety.


o Make the choice to no longer wait for your ambitions to come real because you’re now willing to make room for them.


o Learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others-talk with those who have preceded us, don’t invent the known or suffer the slings and arrows of the journey on your own if someone else has a map. Remember, easier is better.


o Have a vision of the things you love to do and who you’d like to do them with. Respond to new opportunities. Remain open to the unlimited options the world has to offer. Build on the past, take what works and discard what hinders-it’s a new life, a new day, make your retirement personal, one size does not fit all.


o Be comfortable with and actively seek the unfamiliar and the unknown…walk new ground. Continually explore the power of opportunity, the power of self-resolve, and the power to do something simple or new every day.


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