Are You a Lone Wolf?

Posted by [email protected] on February 16, 2020 at 11:35 AM

I'd like to reach out to a few folks who may be having a difficult time ... 

When a person is lonely, enough to become isolated from others, it can weigh heavily on a person and eventually become exhausting and sad! It might be because in adding oneself to this group of virtual strangers, you become leery of others and feel it difficult to share, especially if you don't know others well enough or at all. 


I'm wondering if it's a matter of convenience to give off hand reasons for not socializing. But then, there are also considerations for withdrawing. For example, when another’s needs are calling for attention or there's another place to be, if caregiving keeps you at bay and interrupts from making potential friends and keeping them, your life might have become be a rather lonely place. It may be time to make an appointment with yourself for a change.


Is it because you're afraid of being laughed at or shamed; is there something hard to stomach if you're turned away? It's also true that nobody said it was easy to mix with others, especially if you’re not considered a social butterfly. I try pretty hard to help newcomers feel comfortable in our WGOG gatherings.


Nevertheless, having at least one or a few friends to talk to can provide a measurable amount of good and wonder if mingling is the right thing to do. Lonely ladies...please make the effort to connect, be your authentic self and breathe to allay possible fears of belonging-ness, so you can love and laugh with our ladies of leisure and have a marvelous time!




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