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As I sit in all the glorified comfort of my apartment, and contemplate how I ever managed to live this long, something just occurred to me. With experiencing a recent birthday, I’m priviledged to say that life, as a whole, has treated me well, especially in these later years.

I feel fairly comfortable now, realizing that after having been put through a long- ago royal wringer and facing an incredible amount of hardship, that coming away from it allows for grand feelings, as if listening to a bird’s song. I’ve rebounded well, from years of that angst, while Father Time has actually made me all the stronger.

Since, I’ve learned not to do those things which can disrupt my own peace of mind as I try to maintain an honest and open positive attitude. To this end, one will not find any more complaints knocking at my door for what was, then.

We cannot fulfill all our fantasies either, nor should we. I cannot act inappropriately to my current stage of life. but can find appropriate ways to express it meaningfully by remaining positive.

This time, this year, I’m propelled to harvest and cling to those delightful moments and lasting friendships which bring joy, clarity of purpose and peace of mind.

Then, I must ask myself what the plan is to attain — and maintain — such a grand and good attitude? I must say, it’s got to be all about acceptance, as nothing in life is permanent, including pain. Therefore, to look for a silver lining in every important endeavor.

This striving for more positive attitudes assist in growing more gracefully, instead of simply tolerating life. . Research shows that attitude, resilience, and the ability to cope with stress may also be better predictors of healthy aging than a physical disease or disability.

I get it. "Aging is a self-fulfilling prophecy," says Walter Bortz, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine professor and author of Living Longer for Dummies and Dare to Be 100. According to Bortz, the single most important factor in healthy aging is cultivating that positive outlook.

Perhaps figuring out how to do this isn’t all that hard, especially because anyone who knows anything has already told us what to do and how we should behave.

Now that my inheritance of judgments holds limitations from teachers, educators, parents and peers who have already shaped me, I believe it’s far more important to follow self-preservation tactics.

And so, time has come to experiment with this rather new thinking. That is, to spend more time focusing on the constructive parts of life and spend less time thinking negatively.. I guess I'm simply a work in progress, as time draws a higher perspective and offers more happiness.

So far, It’s certainly been a worthwhile stretch for me.

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