Caring for Self with Morning Make-Overs

Posted by [email protected] on August 18, 2020 at 1:10 PM

We walk out of that retirement door and BOOM. What the heck happened? I'd like to help you enjoy those precious few hours of the morning to get closer to what's important to you during your retirement and even make possible changes.

My story is about empowering seniors. Because of Covid 19 and it's restrictions to our well-being and happiness, I have developed a new Morning Make Over program. This will allow for possible re-thinking and make the most of your mornings, with person-to person follow up and a possible ZOOM workshop.

I have taken this on as a means to assist gal pals who are be facing some hard stressful times during this pandemic, and hope to bring some sunshine into a few lives.

There is no charge for this seven day program and I hope it will make a difference in addressing specific or potentially unsolved issues.

I will greet you in the morning for 7 days to bring morning cheer and motivation. If there's enough interest, this may incude an online class, offered on this page. All tools and strategies suggested will be geared toward helping you move forward, instead of staying stuck.

All you need to do by the end of this week:

Step 1: Contact me, Jaye Wurtzel @[email protected]

Step 2: Send your phone number and email address (even if you think I have it)

Step 3: Tell me a brief story, such as where you might be stuck as a retiree or ask questions of concern. When you hear from me, I will ask you to pick that one issue you'd like to gain a greater perspective on, kick in the gutter, or move past in some manner.

I’m prepared to email daily information, tips, or strategies for your own morning make over to the first 5 ladies who respond. Again, this will be implemented for one week, free, and just for you.

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