Change Your Closet Change Your Life

Posted by [email protected] on September 10, 2020 at 8:45 AM

It tickles me to think that I have several outfits hanging dull in my closet, unused for whatever reason. They aren’t going anywhere because I haven’t worn them anywhere. I guess I suffer from the term, “wardrobe clutter”.


Perhaps this is because making a choice in what to wear can be overwhelming. For example, It is a fact that women wear twenty percent of their clothes eighty percent of the time.


Let me ask… do you have some alcohol or champagne that you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Do you own several candles that have gone unlit? What about your heirloom silver and china that only comes out on holidays ? What about the car that spends more time in the garage than being driven?


I believe we can all feel guilty over something stashed away, not doing anybody any good. The point, here, is that we gather things because we have decided they’re “special”, as those clothes that tell us they're too nice to wear.


I'm sorry to admit, but tashing clothes and sundry items comes from purchasing what we don’t really need.


Perhaps it comes from by telling ourselves that we don’t have "enough”. Instead, we may be looking for things that have gone missing in our lives. It is under this guise that we tell ourselves we have not become “enough” or think, falsely, of “someday…when” After all, it seems an okay choice at the time.


With the YOLO experience, or what you make of it, my best advice is to get a new mindset count by using your things and not letting them rot away in your closet.


Your challenge, should you decide to take it, is to make no excuse for forgetting and leaving “special stuff” hidden where it doesn’t do anybody any good.


Better yet, why not prove to the rest of us that you can wear that outfit that doesn’t belong anywhere, the one which has been hanging around for a very long time and has nowhere to go?

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