Re-Inventiveness in Retirement

Posted by [email protected] on October 29, 2020 at 1:40 PM

Can you redefine "aging" and “senior” without getting upset that each day makes you older than the day before? It’s all about staying in that right psychological, physical and emotional state that allows for peak levels of happiness. One requirement is to become mentally tough and shift away from seeing aging as a threat.

For example, would you like to think that (all) older people are frail, forgetful, can’t drive, and are slow? Or that elderly people can’t learn anything new or that old people are always sick and live in nursing homes? These are a few examples of how not to not accept such stereotypical proclamations about aging.

It’s true…You get out of retirement what you are prepared to put in it, and how you approach your retirement, how you respond to your retirement, how you behave in retirement, how you handle retirement, and ultimately, how you live in retirement is really up to you.

Retirement gives us all an opportunity to redefine ourselves, search for who we choose to become. This point in time can become a trip of invention and innovation, to decide exactly how you wish to spend your years of freedom from the working life.

Did you ever think that many of us will live to be ninety? And if you realize that retirement begins around age sixty-five, that would leave twenty five years of unlimited expression to welcome and ultimately, do whatever you want!

Along with positive thinking comes a positive life, and in order to live a positive life, you've got to have integrity, be honest and decent to yourself. You will be making choices to follow through with what resonates in your heart and I hope that what you do will make a difference, if not to others, then to you.

Thinking positive is just the beginning to a wonderful life, especially to have fun, enjoy life and do what you’ve put aside for years.

Being retired also means you have more opportunities and freedom to express yourself. That old saying, that the best things in life truly are free, allows one to keep present in each and every moment. Being spontaneous and stepping outside of your comfort zone, any chance you get, is essential. The good life consists of wanting to get out of bed every morning, excited to take on whatever each day has in store for you and where being a positive “champion of the outcomes” is so critically important.

For now, simply think about re-invention, relax, and have confidence in your life. And remember, being able to adapt, create a future and re-design yourself brings even more possibilities for happiness, satisfaction, well-being and longevity.

The world is, very nearly, at your command. See it, be it and do it!


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