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Posted by [email protected] on November 4, 2020 at 12:40 AM

Many people think there is nothing they can do about aging, although this isn’t true, unless you want it to be that way! I would rather like to think about the plusses that being a senior has to offer.


One of the most obviously important life lessons we've heard from time to time, is that the past is gone forever, and the future will never be here. Rather, the present is the only moment where we get to apply our knowledge and skills to enjoy making our world a little bit healthier and happier


It's really quite simple and true about what older folks already know in finding and keeping one's happiness and contentment. Studies reveal that the happiest people know it as a choice in attitude, and doesn’t happen by thinking along negative lines Rather, the blessings they’ve been given come from being grateful and harnessing a strong sense of gratitude.


Undeniably, it is those tough challenges, handed down throughout life, which make for the strong who and  fight against life's unfortunate events.

I love to hear it when elders don't seem to become overly upset about the added wrinkles or a lessened ability to see or hear. Rather, being a senior allows us to look within the heart, move on and forget that wrinkled butt, the great belly or the birthmark they’ve had all their lives.


It’s the process of evaluating one’s life and going deeper, when more joy is expected, especially when able to make time to focus ones self. As with all life stages, maintaining independence is crucial.

What we experience has a huge value, as we are volunteers, philanthropists, supporters of houses of worship and as helping hands to our neighbors and friends. We are that generation of makers and doers who continue to explore more possibilities. A great method for casting out loneliness and rejection is to bring on this newness and maintain a check on older hobbies.

Such new enthusiasms and having a sense of purpose for life brings with it a heightened feeling of satisfaction and well- being. Seniors should have realized the wisdom to act comes from within, and not and by doing what others think is best. Nor are seniors consumed with achievement or ideas about security (which the young haven’t yet seemed to grasp).


Whether to maintain and preserve the physical side of things, socialize with friends and supporters, maintain healthy (lifestyle) habits, it all adds up and makes life a worthwhile venture. 


Ah be healthy and attractive we MUST exercise! Yes, but going to the gym, attending exercise classes, playing at a sport, or watching exercise videos at home does take a lot of time and energy. But isn't it worth it? I think so.


Some would report that the issue of 'thrashing about' isn't that beneficial to our health; our muscles are fatigued and starved of oxygen and lactic acid is released in the body and can serve as a toxin. Ok. That may be true. Proponents here suggest less gruesome exercises like swimming or walking that relax the body. They say that less dynamic recreation brings a sense of release and freedom.


Even though I was active in my younger days, managed a figure spa, biked for miles at a time and actively pursued many outdoor sports, the tendency to do less and less as time goes by, makes me want to shudder! And so, I'd like to think that all forms of exercise are being good, with specific ones geared to our personality and health requirements.


Moreover, the one thing we must remember, exercise or not, is to keep moving and that being healthy is simply a function of the lifestyle one leads. I would only hope I can live up to a somewhat healthy lifestyle, as I walk along a path to more graceful living in this older and wiser age.







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