Moving Onward as a Senior

Posted by [email protected] on January 9, 2020 at 10:20 AM

Many people think there is nothing they can do about aging, although this isn’t true, unless you want it to be that way!

One of the most important life lessons that we need to focus on is that the past is gone forever and that the future will never be here. Instead, the present is the only time warp where we can actually apply our knowledge and skills in making our world a little bit healthier and happier each day.  Sounds easy, right?.

It's really quite simple and true about what older folks already know, which revolves around the concept of happiness and contentment.

Studies reveal that the happiest people know that it is a choice and doesn’t come from complaining. Rather, happy people understand that the blessings they’ve been given and there for a reason and they are grateful I do believe that having tough challenges throughout life makes a person stronger and better able to fight as each malady comes down the pike.

Seniors aren’t overly upset about their added wrinkles or lessened abilities to see or hear Rather, being a senior allows for elders a look within and move on, forgetting their wrinkled butts, their great belly’s or the birthmark they’ve had all their lives.

It’s the process of evaluating one’s life and going deeper , that there’s even more joy, when making the time to focus on yourself. That is, in order to maintain independence and not be a victim of loneliness and rejection, it is the hobbies, and actively assisting in the community, which make a huge difference and as empowerment feeds the psyche.

Adding community service or working in the arts might be a wise and stimulating avenue to pursue. One must remember that our wisdom to act comes from within, not by doing what others think is best. As it always is, a new enthusiasm and sense of purpose for life brings with it a heightened gratitude for the life you’ve been given.

Seniors aren’t consumed with achievement or ideas about security which the young haven’t yet grasped (by the way). Where youth give energy and enthusiasm by trying to become more recognized, middle ager's also seem to relish in having some kind of power and status.

Seniors, on the other hand, are beyond this period and are adept in relishing and giving perspectives, bestowing wisdom to others. Being an elder can also bring a new perspective into the lives of others.

Seniors also learn have having friends and a strong support system allows them to live longer than socially isolated persons.

It certainly becomes obvious that being healthy is simply a function of the lifestyle one leads. Whether to maintain and preserve the physical side of things, socialize with friends and supporters, maintain healthy  habits, it all adds up.

I would only hope I can live up to expectations for maintaining this healthier lifestyle as I walk along the path to more graceful living.

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