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Posted by [email protected] on June 15, 2020 at 9:30 AM

I sit here and wonder, what’s going to happen to me as I grow older? Will I still be able to use my eyes to read, my legs to walk, my ears to hear, my mind to think? It’s a somewhat scary proposition to ponder and I can then almost become paralyzed with fear for the future and what it holds.

Many people think there is nothing they can do about aging, although this isn’t true, unless you want it to be that way. One might begin by looking and thinking about the plusses and positives that being a senior has to offer.

It is seemingly obvious to me that one of the most important life lessons is that we live in the present and that’s where it needs to stay.

It’s the only time in which we can apply ourselves and our skills to make us a little bit healthier and better off. At this Corona Virus crisis time, this is a time to develop that inner self, reflect upon what can be done to improve ourselves and acquire new skills.

Undeniably, tough challenges require a person to think. It certainly becomes obvious that being healthy is simply a function of the lifestyle one leads. I would only hope I can live up to expectations as I walk along a path to more graceful living in this older and wiser age.

We all know how to perform noble acts, yet often are lax to do so. I'm as guilty as anyone else when it comes to being a good person and 'stepping up' to volunteer my time to others.

Volunteering alone can renew a greater sense of purpose as we transition out of work and end our role as caregiver. Interestingly enough, it is also is a great help in the feeling of being socially isolate, recognized as a health hazard in later years.

Studies already show that the states that have a higher incidence of volunteers also have a lower incidence of heart disease; those who spend 100 or more hours of volunteering activities are likely to experience health benefits.

Another growing body of research also says that those who volunteer have lower mortality rates and less depression, along with a greater sense of control over one's life, and higher rates of self-esteem and happiness; the greater the personal benefits are to the person who volunteers!

There's no silver bullet, but it's probably the closest thing to bringing personal satisfaction and societal well-being. And, sharing your talents with others,bringing on this new enthusiasm and having a sense of purpose for life brings with it a heightened feeling of satisfaction and well- being.

We are that generation of makers and doers from the baby boomer generation who want and need to continue to explore more possibilities.

And so, my friend, please take a peek at opportunities awaiting you in the Triangle as a volunteer, and tell us of volunteer activities you're pursuing now or wish to follow through with.

Whether to maintain and preserve the physical side of things, socialize with friends and supporters, maintain healthy (lifestyle) habits, it all adds up to making life a worthwhile venture.

Bring it on, as It would be a shame to see your work go unnoticed.

Women Growing Older offers group workshops to re-define the aging process to embolden women to make wiser choices. As retirement coach, Jaye Wurtzel shares more than 100 classes addressing identity and re-invention strategies.



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