Workshops for Retired and Semi-Retired Boomers

As seniors, we cannot remain  as paassive observers and must become active in our perosnal land health care rituals. Doing the activities you love and jenoying life through socialization will giveyou the ammunition you need to age gracefully. 

We’ve created workshops that add dazzling flavor to the lives of ladies growing older, by challenging traditional approaches to the retired lifestyle and re-imagine decisions to make intelligent choices for future robustness.

It is already clear that the 21st century requires more of all of us, both young and old, as we are given an increased responsibiliy to  live through and enjoy it to the max. We look at a restructuring of priorities to what is important to you, may renew your zest for further education and purpose and revitalize you in this learning community of people, to embrace growth and inner change.

If exercise is  something you  may need  some asssistance with, we can take you on an easy trip plan. Your full potential lies ahead as we uncover and can revisit  your childhood dreams to make them come true. 

Become a part of our fascinating workshops,  at the home of our renegade retiree's and hop aboard! 

Put on some sparkle and glow and create future plans to re-ignite your life and uncover purpose and meaning.

Lunch & Learn "Table Talks"  are designed with lively stories, statistics with inspiring  handouts, with secrets to growing older gracefully.

Many of mini-workshops are free, while others are offered at a nominal charge. 

Special rates are often given to women's clubs in the RTP area of NC. We’ve most likely got a supremely important workshop for your ladies !