Jaye Wurtzel


Jaye has a BA in Public Administration, with a minor in Gerontological Studies, and MEd from NC Central University. Now retired, she was a public school teacher in early childhood and BMH (Behavioral & Mentally Handicapped) middle school children. 

As recreation therapist, Jaye developed and instituted psycho-social programs for 10 years While raising her daughter as a single  parent. She's , served as a foster parent, owned a home day care. 

Jaye's career spans more than 30 years working with multi-generational populations, from toddlers and pre-school children to handicapped adults and retired seniors. 

Jaye helps Boomers find a place to fit in, to matter and to make a difference. She loves bringing out the best in people especially in retirement, while her pioneering program  has helped seniors realize their full potential.

She is a former Qualified Professional for a local mental health agency and currently Originator and organizer for  Women Growing Older Gracefully Meet Ups as senior advisor and Group Retirement Life Coach. 

Elizabeth Singh

Marketing Director

Elizabeth graduated from Peace University, in 2014, with a BA in Marketing. She is  currently a mother of 3 children and lives in Apex, NC